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Which recliner is best for me?

At times recliners feel like a godsend. Not only do they provide a comfortable perch, they can also help with things like stress relief, blood circulation and many others. The problem is however, that recliners come in all shapes and sizes. So how does one decide which recliner best suits their needs? Have a look through this handy guide to get an idea which recliner might be best for you. 

Find a recliner that suits your Body

The comfort a recliner offers depends on how suited it is to your body type. Here are a few things to keep in mind while looking for a fit.

  • Make sure your feet touch the ground adequately. Too little contact and it can put pressure on your back, too much and your thighs won’t be supported well enough.
  • Make sure the seat is the ideal width. If it’s too narrow or wide, it would lack adequate torso support.
  • Make sure the seat is adequately deep. It will determine how much support your neck and back get. 

Choose a size and type

Make sure the recliner fits your size and style preferences. While deciding, also take into account the shape of your recliner. Keep these things handy while narrowing down on your likes.

  • Your age bracket
  • Whether you want one for a medical condition or not.
  • On Which part of your body do you need the most support.
  • Where in the house do you wish to put it. 
  • The orientation of the recliner vis a vis the room.
  • Whether you want one for work or leisure or both.

Define your expectations

Make a list of what you want a recliner to do and the things you expect from it. That allows you to better select the features that facilitate those wants. Keep the following things in mind.

  • Would the recliner need to be moved around often? Depending on the answer, you might want to choose a lighter recliner, or one with wheels.
  • How much time would be spent on it per day. This would help with characterising the time spent on it and selecting an appropriate feature set.
  • Are USB ports required. They would allow laptops, tablets and mobile phones to be charged seamlessly. This would also require that the recliner be placed near a socket.
  • Whether you want fabric or leather. It would make it easier to clean or more durable, depending on your preferences.

Define your aesthetic

Make sure you pick something that complements the space around it. Recliners come in a variety of styles and materials, with or without lumbar support. Note the colours the interior of your house features, the kind of furniture you already have, the mood you wish to create in the room. For some people, a recliner can be the beginning of the transformation of a space. Think about whether you want that or something that fits in fuss free.

Try it out

Once you have decided on everything, try out as many recliners as you can. Try to see if the seating position fits, whether the fabric is to your liking. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Am I comfortable?
  • Does this feel sturdy?
  • Do all the functions work as advertised?
  • Will it last long?

Remember these tips and you may well have the recliner of your dreams. But remember, this is just a guide and not gospel, different recliners suit different people, the key is to experience them for yourself before committing yourself to one. Happy Shopping!

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