Warranty Disclaimer

1 (One) ‘Carry-IN’ year warranty against any manufacturing defect in the mechanism and NIL on the upholstery at our New Delhi/Nearest Service Centre. One (1) year warranty against any manufacturing defect on mechanism & on also on Actuator/Motor, Transformer/SMPS Power Supply, Activation Switch & Electricals in case of motorized Recliner. Warranty includes all parts for 1 year and labour services for year 1 only. Warranty start date shall be from the date of Purchase as per Purchase Invoice.

Any damage caused on account of misuse/mishandling, voltage fluctuations, spikes, improper electrical input, pest related damages, and shifting etc. shall not be covered under warranty. It shall be your responsibility to provide clean and proper electrical connections for each Recliner. Rusting of metal part of normal wear & tear and is not part of manufacturing defect.

Warranties are for repair, replacement or substitution only at the sole discretion of brand company. There is no provision for refunds or consequential damages.

Defective parts shall become the property of Seller Brand / Company . after repair or replacement or substitution.

There can be minor variations in repair under warranty as this is a hand-crafted product.

Products are warranted for use by persons weighing up to 110 kgs.

Any damage to the upholstery like tearing, wear & tear, PVC/PU cracking, discoloration, stitch opening, etc. shall not be covered under warranty.

All warranties are limited to normal use in the Domestic Environment only.

There is NIL warranty in case the product is being used in a Commercial Environment.

Warranty is not transferable.
In case the product is opened, repaired, re-upholstered, un-assembled etc. by a person/organization not authorized by Seller Brand , then the warranty shall be void.

Warranty services will be provided only against presentation of original proof of purchase & this warranty certificate.

Brand will not be liable for any consequential damage and under no circumstances the liability will not exceed the replacement or repair of defective part as it may be or to the maximum extent of the value received for the product.

ReclinersnMore /  Edu vista Technologies Limited  decision on the nature of defects and applicability of warranty will be final.

ReclinersnMore /  Edu vista Technologies Limited  specifically disclaims any other warranties for the products, express or implied

Any dispute will be under the jurisdiction of New Delhi only.