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7 reasons to invest in a Recliner 

We spend 6-8 hours a day sitting, for some the number is even greater. Studies have proven that a reclined position, where our back is 135 degrees relative to our thighs, is good for us. Most chairs though, whether it be at work, at home or while travelling are designed to facilitate a 90 degree sitting angle, which can be bad for our backs. Here, a recliner might present itself as a viable alternative to a standard chair. So, together let’s go through how recliners are beneficial for us. 

Recliners are Comfortable

Recliners can be adjusted exactly as per our needs. Most of the discomfort caused to us while sitting comes from our back not being angled properly. Recliners offer a range of functions that enable us to find the perfect unstressed position, thereby giving us the comfort we deserve. 

Recliners Help Relieve Stress

There is a direct correlation between our mental and physical states. The position we sit in can help our body relax. A comfortable position where our body is suspended and our joints have no tension is the ideal one for stress relief. It also helps combat migraines, fatigue and memory troubles which are indicators of stress. Some recliners offer massage functions and heating pads which can help the cause further. 

Recliners Help Blood Circulation

Being stationary for long periods of time can hamper blood circulation. Lack of blood flow to parts of the body can cause problems like slow metabolism, bloating, obesity, an increased appetite constipation, among other things. These issues can be remedied by a recliner. With its range of movements, the free up stress from the neck, spine etc. enabling better blood circulation.

Recliners Can Help Boost Our Productivity

In the same vein, spending long hours at work in the same position can also hamper mental activity, triggered by fatigue. This leads to a lack of stimulation and even motivation. Recliners, whether at work or home can help aid body movement by providing the required space and reducing pressure on the body, thereby reducing long term fatigue and boosting productivity. 

Recliners Can Be Helpful During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the added weight of a child can bring a lot of of lower back stress and consequently intense pain. This is only worsened by chairs which don’t allow for decompression of the body and breathability. A reclined position can help ease the feeling by distributing the weight all over the body, increasing comfort. 

Recliners Are Helpful To Elderly People 

Older people often experience mobility issues caused by swelling and joint aches, among other things. A recliner can help alleviate them the unnecessary pain by allowing for easy seating, fine tuning, and easy mounting and dismounting. 

Recliners Can Help Reduce Pain And Inflammation

Over time, our back neck and shoulder muscles become weaker, this can be worsened by stresses on the job, various responsibilities etc. This extends itself to issues such as aching limbs and muscles. A recliner can help us combat these problems by bolstering support to the concerned area with its near infinite range of adjustments. It might also help arthritis patients because of the ideal seating angle.    

Recliners, therefore are not don’t just serve as comfortable rests, but can go a long way into improving the quality of your day and perhaps your life. Studies show that a sturdy and reliable recliner can last up to a decade. Therefore, given our hectic schedules, a recliner can be one of the smarter investments we can make.  

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