About Us

The Indian home is an ever-growing landscape of wondrous proportions. In the bustle of an increasingly urban environment, homeowners are looking for ways to improve and beautify that one space where they are most comfortable. With the sole objective of bringing into each urban household the choicest furniture available across all platforms, we at Recliners ‘N’ More are driven by the same obsession to make the living space a stress-free, productive environment.

Our recliners are specifically chosen to maximise comfort with the additional focus on durability. We eliminate all hassle customers ideally face when purchasing furniture and instead have curated the best possible products available in the market. Whether it is single seater recliners, double seater recliners or Home Theatre recliners that are particularly suited to the taste of the individual customer, our products are streamlined in such a way that the experience for our consumers are unparalleled elsewhere. Because we believe that choice is pivotal for ensuring that you select the best products possible for your home, we have carefully curated every product so that our customers get an accurate sense of what the product feels like. Because traditional sofas are increasingly being replaced by recliners and the likes, we have poured our resources into making sure that our products are specially chosen for the future home. Realising that comfort eventually results in a stress-free life, we also provide our customers products ranging from pillows and mattresses to beds. We strive to ensure that your physical comfort remains our primary concern and we work accordingly to bring you exactly the products you need.

As per your needs, our recliners are designed in such a way to ensure that you can easily shift them inside your house. That means that depending upon your mood, you can drag the recliner sofa or chair to the balcony of your house or your living room wherever the need fits. Our stylish designs, gathered together in a colourful catalogue, provides you the best knowledge about how the products will fit in your living space.


It is increasingly evident that the flexibility between the workspace and the home has increased. People are now increasingly working from their homes and are looking for ways to cultivate an environment in their home which will not affect overall productivity. With this growing information on our mind, we have envisioned a living space where our products not only provide a sense of connection between the two spaces, but also improve upon things that were previously absent. Whether it is a recliner that provides more flexibility in your joints or a recliner that is particularly suited to reading or watching a game of cricket with your loved ones, we bring to you the finest of all options right at your doorstep. Productivity, purpose and pleasant memories are inseparable parts of our total vision.


A robust engagement with customers always ensures that companies are thriving in an increasingly competitive environment. We at Recliners ‘N’ More have consulted with consumers, homeowners and skilled professionals to work out the best in recliners that the Indian market has ever seen. And to make sure that our customers are left satisfied, we have taken certain steps to make the relationship an ideal one.

First, customer feedbacks and our engagement with the feedback ensures that our products are never far from achieving the idealised products that they want in their homes.

Customer service that is ready to listen to the consumers and assist them in whatever way possible.

A carefully curated and speciously detailed description of the product for the consumers so that we can help them visualise the furniture in their homes.

Our products are cost-effective, and they are fashioned to meet the demands of the consumers.


At Recliners ‘N’ More, our team of professional individuals are inspired by the same ideas that birthed the inception of our company. We procure for you the best available products at the best available prices in the market so that our customers won’t have to spend long hours vacillating between different products. Our dedicated team of professionals ensure that you are informed of the product at every step of the way so that once it leaves our warehouse, it reaches you in optimal condition. Royally and loyally, our team will always be there to serve you. Our belief is that creativity is most rigorous where there are no constraints. We believe in diversity, and we embrace all regardless of their caste, gender or creed.

Why Choose Recliners ‘N’ More?

Firstly, Recliners ‘N’ More provides that best Motion furniture market place recliners anywhere from the Home theatre recliners, Motion furniture,  to the double-seater or four-seater recliners, a lounger or the L shape recliners available in the market. We know that cost and price is a big concern for our consumers, but we have not let the idea of expenditure affect the supreme quality of our products. What does that mean? That means that we have the best available motion furniture’s at the best possible prices available. From a wide range of brands, colours to a diversified array of designs, we help you in picking the best brand furniture that suits your physical needs and the décor of your house. Whether it is a leather recliner or fabrics of any other kind, we give you a selection that consists of a wide range of products.

Our focus on durability has successfully enabled us to select products for you that are unchanged even when they are extensively used. Whether it is demand for a napping sofa or a recliner where you can comfortably work without physical hindrances, we meet those marks efficiently.


With growth comes the realisation that change is inevitable. We will strive to innovate and create a wholesome atmosphere where the needs of our customers and employees are efficiently fulfilled. Our studies and research in the area will provide a tasteful look at the fluctuating demands in the market so that our products are suited to your contemporary needs. The transparency we provide in our dealings means that our customers gain our trust and become a part of our family.